Monday, May 2, 2022

Why the remodeled site?

Ray Daley reports:

Pleased to be able to report all the old links still work so no-one needs to do any updates on their bibliographies if they'd bookmarked stuff.

This made me smile. Ray’s comment is exactly why we chose to put a ridiculous amount of time and energy into remodeling this blogspot-hosted site, rather than to do the smart and easy thing and move to a completely new WordPress-hosted site. There are ten years’ of content on this platform. I wanted to make certain we saved as much of it as possible and didn’t break anyone’s links.

I will admit, though, to being a bit surprised by some of the things the new site has automatically fished-up and put in the Popular tab to the right or in the Related Links section at the bottom of new posts. This is going to be an interesting next few weeks. I wonder how long it will take it to spider through all the years of accumulated posts and find some reason to link to what I wrote about bryozoans?