Tuesday, October 24, 2023

“The Foulest of Them All” • by Jeff Currier

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the foulest one of all?” Mephistopheles asked yet again.

“While normally true, the foulest is you, today it’s Ralph Sittlemeier.”

“What! Show me this wretch!”

A bland bespectacled man typing computer code appeared.

“Has he tortured countless souls? Sought to undermine God’s dominion?”

“No, Less Foul One, he’s preparing to test a theory, knowing it might well unravel the entire multiverse.”

“Bah, Jehovah will just remake it—new sinners for me to torment.”

“The unraveling effect, increasing exponentially every picosecond, won’t spare Heaven or Hell.”

Panicked, Mephistopheles snapped his fingers. Sittlemeier, dead, collapsed, his elbow hitting ‘Enter’.

“Congratulations, Lord, foulest honors return to…”


Jeff Currier works three jobs, so has little time to write. Hence, he writes little stories—like this one. Find links to more at Jeff Currier Writes on Facebook.

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GuyStewart said...

Hehehehe...gave me a smile today!