“Lunar Ghosts” • by Sylvia Heike

After the explosion, I’m the last survivor in the lunar outpost, living with ghosts and shadows. Clinging to my husband’s. We’re still married, aren’t we? My ring says we are.

We’re warm blood and no blood. Skin against skin that can only be imagined or remembered. Whispers and echoes in the dark.

The rescue ship comes, hopelessly late, with supplies I never ran out of. I refuse to go. Here, I have everything and nothing. Nothing, and everything I need.



Sylvia Heike is a writer from Finland. Her stories have appeared in Flash Fiction Online, PodCastle, Nature Futures, and other publications, including Stupefying Stories, of course.. When not writing, she enjoys knitting, gardening, and watching birds. To find out more, visit her website https://sylviaheike.com or follow her on Twitter @sylviaheike 





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