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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!


Enjoy the holiday. Enjoy the time with your family and friends. You may loathe Aunt Luella’s infamous casserole now—there are only so many times you can look at that chipped Pyrex dish filled with French-cut green beans drowned in Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup and sprinkled with French’s crispy fried onion bits straight out of the can before you get religion, or at least begin to pray with all your heart for her to bring anything else—but there will come a time when you will miss all these people. Even Uncle Frank, who’s glued to the TV, as if the Lions have a hope in Hell of beating the Cowboys this year.

So enjoy this holiday. Especially, enjoy your family, no matter what heroic efforts it may take. Be sure to say something complimentary about little Cousin Susie’s first attempt at homemade-from-scratch biscuits, even if she did accidentally substitute baking soda for baking powder. She will learn. The products of her kitchen will get better.

And we’ll see you all back here on Sunday.

Best wishes,
Bruce Bethke

1 comment:

ray p daley said...

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. I'm thankful for my 22nd acceptance of the year which arrived today. This is my best year ever for acceptances and a decent amount of those were from Stupefying.

Dream big, folks. Even if they don't come true you'll have had cool dreams and be well rested for writing.