Monday, April 25, 2022

Status Update • 04/25/22


Wow. It’s only been three days since I posted the Pledge Break, but the outpouring of support has been—well, humbling, to be honest. Astonishing. Breathtaking. I had no idea that so many people care so much about Stupefying Stories and want us to continue. 

Thank you.

As of this morning, Stupefying Stories 24 is now fully funded, and we’re close to having enough donations pledged to do Stupefying Stories 25. At the risk of committing a terrible act of hubris, I’m beginning to think that if we can keep this drive going, we can raise enough to do Stupefying Stories 26, and then—

Well, our goal was always to grow Stupefying Stories until it becomes a magazine that pays its authors “pro” word rates and can help get them the recognition they deserve. (Awards committees and anthologists always take pro publications more seriously.) But we’ll drive off that bridge when we come to it. Today, let’s focus on:

» Stupefying Stories 24 is fully funded and GO for launch on June 1st!

» Stupefying Stories 25 is close enough to fully funded now that I feel comfortable committing to launching it on September 1st.

» Stupefying Stories 26 is our stretch goal. Assuming we can raise the funding, we plan to launch it on December 1st.

Remember, this is only possible because you made it possible. THANK YOU.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to work on putting out a magazine.

Still shaking my head in utter amazement,
Bruce Bethke  


Stupefying Stories is supported by the generosity of readers like you. If you appreciate the kind of programming we’re bringing you, please show it by clicking this link or the button below to make a donation today. All major credit cards are accepted, and all donations go directly towards paying the authors and artists who create the content that you’re enjoying on this site. Literally, all donations go straight into the PayPal account from which we pay our authors and artists.

Any suggestions as to what you’d like to see at the “coffee mug or tote bag?” level?


ray p daley said...

Guessing you're more than currently covered for new works of fiction to publish then?
I would still like to appear in the magazine, one day.

Arisia said...

Tote bag and coffee mug level idea:

Your name mentioned as a supporter (or other role - patron/investor/crowdfunder/sugar-granddaddy) in the Stupefying Stories issue you donate toward.

Another way to help Stupefying Stories financially without actually donating any money: Post a review on Amazon and Goodreads for each issue. Unless you're an author of one of the stories in that issue, in which case you can mention it in your author newsletter and urge your readers to buy it and review it.