Thursday, April 7, 2022

“The Conflict at Hand” • by A.L. Blacklyn

And now the winner of this week’s Pete Wood Challenge. Taking the gold is new contributor A.L. Blacklyn, with:

“The Conflict at Hand”

The Sorcerers War was entirely disastrous. We all started with finesse and purpose but concluded in mad exhaustion amidst frozen citizens and fields of zombie parts.

So much mess.

For our dearest relationships, too. 

The last time I saw my twin, she shouted, “Talk to the hand!” and stormed off.

She’s furious I replaced my hand lost in battle with hers when I mistook her for dead. Irrevocably! I admit, I should have better attempted confirmation. Everyone turns mad in wartime.

“She will forgive me eventually, won’t she?” I ask my second hand.

The twitching of fingers is reassuring.



A.L. Blacklyn writes fictional prose and poetry. In what might look like a past life, they survived an array of injuries in food service, retail, and recreation, and they managed to keep most of their body parts intact. Their work has appeared in Dark Moments, Frozen Wavelets, and Polu Texni. More stories are currently available through