“Honeybunny and the Embroidery Witch” • by Brandon Case

Every morning since hanging him on the wall, Honeybunny’s mother told him he should make more friends. It would’ve been a taunt, coming from another woman.

Stitched into an embroidery hoop, how could a thread-boy seek company? Mother hadn’t even finished his body, leaving loops of hair hanging like brown bunny ears.

Endlessly repeating, Honeybunny’s mother told him he should make more friends. As though she, creator-witch, couldn’t provide him companionship with mere strokes of her needle.

Finally, he’d had enough. One night, Honeybunny tugged and tore the confining canvas until his body, already loose, ripped free.

Leaping from the window, bunny ears flapping and adventure ahead, Honeybunny hoped when Mother saw the empty embroidery hoop, she smiled.


 Brandon Case is an erstwhile government cog who fled the doldrums into unsettling worlds of science and magic. He has recent or forthcoming work in Escape Pod, Air and Nothingness Press, and The Dread Machine, among others. You can catch his alpine adventures on Twitter and Instagram @BrandonCase101.

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