“It’s Alive!” • by Kimberly Ann Smiley

Victor’s mother told him he should make new friends. Constantly. It was annoying. Mostly because it was true.

He knew he spent too much time alone in the attic tinkering on projects. Projects that failed to impress his colleagues.

No one appreciated his genius. Other than his mother, which didn’t really count.

Lightning flashed through the window, illuminating the thick wires running from the chimney to the switch.

Victor patted the sheet covering the body fondly. He hadn’t told his mother yet, but he’d dug up a solution to the friend problem. It had taken longer than expected and Victor was eager to meet him.

And tonight he would!

Kimberly Ann Smiley
was born and raised in California, but now lives in Mississippi after an unexpected plot twist. She has several pieces of paper that claim she is a mechanical engineer and none that mention writing but has decided not to let the practical decisions made in her youth define the rest of her life. Her work has appeared both here and in Daily Science Fiction.