Wednesday, July 7, 2021

“Alone” • by Novae Caelum


We have a hard time socializing with normal people, though our parents always said an emperor should try.

So we sit in this bar with a mug that could melt eyelashes, if ours weren’t false.

“You alone tonight?” A femme person plops in front of us.

“Alone and wish to stay that way.”

The person flashes knife-edged nails. “No worries. Give me your credits, you can be alone as you want.”

A shadow falls. “I think you need to leave,” a masc person says, setting down our order of steaming stir-fry.

Mm. We’re pretty sure that wasn’t our waiter. Security will never let us just be alone.

¤     ¤     ¤

Novae Caelum is an author, illustrator, and designer with a love of spaceships and a tendency to quote Monty Python. Star's had stories in Diabolical Plots, Escape Pod, Clockwork Phoenix 5, and Lambda Award winning Transcendent 2: The Year's Best Transgender Speculative Fiction. These days star can be found serializing queer space opera epics, with which star hopes to take over the world. At least, that's the plan. Find star online at



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