Saturday, July 3, 2021

It's Twitter Feeding Frenzy Time!

Brodies Famous Edinburgh Tea (100 Untagged Tea Bags)

After a morning of blundering about the Internet and drinking too many good stiff cups of Brodies Famous Edinburgh Tea, we now have an easily remembered Twitter fa├žade. 


Or more properly:

It will take us a while to populate the page—though I’ve just noticed that we have this tiny “Share to Twitter” icon in the footer of every post on this blog site, so that should speed up the process considerably—but while that’s in progress, I’d like to propose a quid pro quo. Follow us on Twitter, and we’ll follow you. True, this means we’ll both be going around in tiny circles until we end up getting dizzy and falling down, but hey! It’s social media! It doesn’t need to make sense!