Friday, July 9, 2021

Talking Shop: Eric's Writing Challenge Update 3


Okay, I won't have extensive notes this week. Just a quick update to let everyone know how it's going.

First up, the writing challenge. 

As of today, I've written around 16,200 words. That's a little under 6400 words for the last week. For the math inclined, that's a little over 900 words per day. In reality, I wrote about 4000 of those words last Saturday. So, I gave myself permission to take it easy the rest of week and averaged closer to 400 words per day. 

Now, on to Rinn's Run. At present, here's where it stands:

Total word count: 24,500 words

Total chapters completed: 16

Percentage finished (in theory): 25% give or take.

This week's big takeaway: Sometimes you just get into a groove and the words flow like water.