Thursday, July 22, 2021

Speaking of selling books...


A while back, through a process too complicated to explain now, I wound up with several hundred copies of REBEL MOON, still in the boxes in which they were shipped from Simon & Schuster. I had been using them as promotional items at con appearances, but first my wife’s health issues and then COVID-19 pretty much put the kibosh on doing those sorts of in-person meet & greets. So I put the remaining boxes on a high shelf in the back of the K&B Booksellers warehouse and forgot about them…

Until recently, when for reasons unknown, our Amazon listing for copies of this book, in new condition and signed by yours truly, suddenly became very active. In the last few weeks we’ve sold a surprising number of copies.

Therefore, here’s an idea. Between postage and packaging it costs us roughly $3.50 to mail a copy of this book. (US Customers only. Sorry, overseas postage is prohibitive.) We can’t exactly sell these things, as I don’t want to bother with collecting sales tax for every state in the country, so how about for a donation of, say, $5.00 USD to the Support Stupefying Stories fund, (care of Rampant Loon Media LLC), you’ll receive a copy of this book, signed by yours truly, as a token of our appreciation. At the $10.00 level we’ll include a signed copy of my unpublished monograph, Vox Day and Me, which explains… things, and at the $20.00 level—

Nah, forget it. Just click the button to send us $5.00, be sure to include your mailing address in the donation message, and we’ll send you a signed book. Okay?