Friday, July 9, 2021

“When Thieves Give You Lemons” • by Duke Kimball


“No.” Glog the Conqueror spat on the floor. Nobody in the bustling tavern seemed to mind. “Talk.”

Flindel the Rat bared yellow teeth, producing the talisman from a billowing sleeve. A small, golden sphere he set on his plate. “Belonged to Morfan the wizard.”



A hand tapped Glog’s shoulder. “It’s good ale.”

“No.” He glowered at Flindel. “How much?”

“Weight in gold.” He eyed the big man greedily. “Yours.”

“The best ale—”

Both men turned. “NO!” they shouted at the sniveling barkeep, returning to negotiations. Over… a lemon.

“I’m pretty sure,” Flindel seethed, “he wasn’t our waiter.”

Glog, axe already drawn, began the chase.

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Duke Kimball is a literary boat captain who doesn’t currently own a boat. His work has appeared in places like Mysterion, Star*Line, and Strange Horizons. He lives in Lansing, Michigan, with his wife Michelle and a dog named after a cheese factory.


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