Monday, July 12, 2021

Book Release / Book Sale

Busy day, busy week here at RLP, as we’re ramping up for the release of SCOUT’S FIRST MISSION on July 20th. We’re not ready to take pre-orders yet but should be able to do so very soon.

In the meantime, if you do not already have the previous five books in the Scout series, we’re continuing with our staggered countdown sale. Right now you can pick up Book 3, SCOUT’S DUTY, and Book 4, SCOUT’S LAW, on Kindle for just $0.99 each.

Beginning tomorrow, you’ll be able to get Book 5, SCOUT’S TRAINING, on Kindle for $0.99, and beginning on Friday you’ll be able to pick up HART FOR ADVENTURE, also for $0.99.

In case you’re curious, Books 1 through 4 comprise the first series, and tell the story of how Terran Scout Corps pilot David Rice crash-landed on the lost colony world of Aashla and was thrown from the space age to the age of swords in the blink of an eye. Stranded without hope of rescue, David made a new life on Aashla…

Only to find that galactic civilization was not about to forget him or ignore Aashla, and now he had to take up arms one last time, to fight to protect his adopted home world from the Terran Federation he had once served.

And that, we thought, was the end of it…

HART FOR ADVENTURE is a sort of a side quest: same universe, same Terran Scout Corps, different characters and a completely different adventure. HART FOR ADVENTURE is a standalone book, and a good choice if you’re not sure you want to make the commitment to reading the entire series. 

, you could also start with SCOUT’S TRAINING, as that is the direct precursor to SCOUT’S FIRST MISSION and the start of a new series that I wanted to call SCOUT’S HONOR: The Next Generation, but Henry wouldn’t let me.

In any case, here you are: six books for the price of an upscale cup of coffee, and a lot of fun, exciting reading. What are you waiting for? Start reading today!