Wednesday, July 21, 2021


Rampant Loon Press is delighted to announced that after a difficult labor and some last-minute complications, the print edition of SCOUT’S FIRST MISSION came into the world at 2:56 a.m. this morning. The print edition listing is already linked to its sibling Kindle edition and the rest of its family, author and baby are fine and resting comfortably, and the 5-star reviews and good review quotes are already starting to come in.

» “[…] a fun, two-fisted, action-packed romp on a distant planet, with a wild assortment of characters and alien creatures.” 

» “This is yet another light, fun read very reminiscent of golden age science fiction and fantasy.”

» “With this book, you’ll get that classic sci-fi feel. A dangerous unexplored planet for the heroes of the story […] to explore and make new discoveries on. The fact that they discover humans on an undiscovered planet comes as a shock, but in a universe set with a diaspora of lost colony ships from humanity’s first reaching into space, it is understandable. What else they find on this mysterious planet is unexpected…” 

» “While there are mentions of events in previous books, this is it’s own self-contained story arc, so reading this one out of order won’t take the reader out of the story.”

» “The Scout Academy has spanned generations, still seeking to teach the virtues of Honor, Oath, and Duty. This bodes well—a society needs such things.”

» “My 14-year-old son enjoys this entire series. Definitely fun-filled adventure books for boys!”

» “Overall, it was an entertaining, quick read. I will definitely be back for more.”

SCOUT’S FIRST MISSION: the latest book in Henry Vogel’s best-selling Terran Scout Corps series, now available in paperback, on Kindle, or free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Read it today!