Friday, July 16, 2021

Talking Shop: Eric's Writing Challenge Update 4


Another mostly quick update on the work of writing.

First up, the writing challenge. To date, I've written about 20,600 words, which is a little under 24% of the way toward the final goal of 87,500. This last week, I wrote about 4400 words. So, I averaged about 628 words a day across seven days. 

On to Rinn's Run.

Total words: 28,900 words

Chapters Completed: 18

Percentage complete (theoretical): 29%

This last week, I got shot one of my covid vaccination. My arm was a little sore and I felt okay for the beginning of the first day. I was just tired at first, but started feeling lousy at the end on the day. The next day wasn't much better, so I ended up sleeping a lot both days.  I didn't write any fiction on either day. So my actual average on days that I actually wrote fiction was a little closer to 900 words a day. 

There is no big takeaway other than building momentum and working steadily pay off. I'm well on my way to meeting the writing challenge for the year. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm ahead of schedule by a few thousand words for that. Plus, I've knocked out close to a third of a novel. It's hard to argue with results.


Roxana Arama said...

I'm trying to keep up with you. 3,700 words since last time and approaching midpoint :)

Eric Dontigney said...

Hey! That's amazing! Way to go!