“It’s hard to find a good SF magazine these days. I thought these stories were very readable and entertaining, and at least one was laugh-out-loud funny. If you remember an old magazine called Aboriginal, this is a lot like that.”

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Clarification: Reading Period and Email Address Changes

Apparently the definitions of “flash” and “short-short” stories are more slippery than I thought. To answer these and other questions that have come in in the past few days:  

STUPEFYING STORIES magazine and the STUPEFYING STORIES PRESENTS anthology series are now CLOSED to unsolicited submissions until March 31, 2015, so that we can give our full attention to book production. We will be OPEN to new submissions from April 1, 2015, through September 30, 2015, and then CLOSED again from October 1, 2015, through March 31, 2016.

STUPEFYING STORIES SHOWCASE, our webzine, remains OPEN to new submissions, but at this time we are considering only flash and short-short stories—that is, only stories of 2,000 words in length or less—for SHOWCASE.

While SHOWCASE shares the same main submissions address (submissions {at} rampantloonmedia {dot} com) as the rest of the STUPEFYING STORIES line, to fast-track your submission for SHOWCASE only, please send it to submissions {at} stupefyingstoriesshowcase {dot} com. One story at a time, please, and while we will consider simultaneous submissions, exclusive submissions jump to the front of the line.

STRAEON has a completely separate submissions queue and editorial process. STRAEON is now OPEN to new submissions, and while STRAEON will consider more than one story at a time by the same author, STRAEON will not consider simultaneous submissions. To submit to STRAEON, address your email to M. David Blake, Editor, at submissions {at} vintageseason {dot} com.

Monday, January 5, 2015

IMPORTANT: Reading Period Changes

To kick off 2015, we're announcing some important changes in how we're handling submissions.

The complicated reading period schedule we tried to use in 2014 didn't work. In order to clear time in our schedule to concentrate on book production, STUPEFYING STORIES magazine and the STUPEFYING STORIES PRESENTS anthology series are now CLOSED to unsolicited submissions until March 31, 2015. We will resume reading new submissions from April 1 through September 30, and then be closed again from October 1, 2015, to March 31, 2016. Six months on; six months off. This should be more manageable.

Beginning today, our companion webzine, SHOWCASE, gets its own submissions queue: submissions {at} stupefyingstoriesshowcase {dot} com. SHOWCASE remains OPEN to new submissions, but—and this is important—submissions sent to this email address will be considering only for publication in SHOWCASE, and we will consider only flash- and short-short fiction. We're also experimenting with an "express" process for this queue, so instead of our usual confirmation-of-receipt and tracking numbers and all that, expect either an acceptance or a form rejection within a week.

STRAEON is now OPEN for new submissions—but there are some changes for 2015. To quote the editor, M. David Blake:
These aren't "stupefying" stories. They are not "amazing," "astounding," or "mystifying" either, but they are the best I could find, pure and sim—no, that's not right either. There isn't anything "simple" about these stories, nor do they come with any guarantee of purity.
You see, STRAEON isn't restricted to "safe," or "nice" stories. Some may leave cuts, or bruises, and as a whole this series probably needs a trigger warning.

Having said that, a few readers will finish and wonder why I'd say anything so daft. Other anthologies have already envisioned terrain more dangerous than any we may encounter, and the small patches of undisturbed ground that remain are remarkably tough.

Here's a secret, as old as the world itself: You can break more ground with water and wind than with a sledgehammer. Acid helps too, of course.

Stories are like water, and wind... and yes, like acid. They flow between us, and around us, and occasionally even through us. Every now and then a little ground shifts. How could it not?

We want to be there when the ground shifts.
NOTE #1: STRAEON's word count limit is now from 3,300 to 22,000 words. While I have nothing against short-short and borderline-flash fiction, it isn't right for STRAEON. Do not send me any stories shorter than 3,300 words.
NOTE #2: At present, STRAEON is preempted by work on the 2015 Campbellian Anthology. I'll get back to work on STRAEON after the Campbellian antho is released in mid-January.   
Send submissions to submissions {at} vintageseason {dot} com.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Book Release: STRAEON

From the creator of the acclaimed Campbellian Anthology series comes STRAEON: a new quarterly exploration of stories that are longer, more complex, more mature, and more challenging than the norm. If you’re looking for space unicorns, sexy vampires, or short comedies that end in bad puns, you won’t find that here.

But if conventional genre stories don’t quite fit you—if you aren’t comfortable with the genre you’ve been wearing, or have grown too comfortable with the way it hangs upon your frame—if you sometimes wonder why you never see stories that speak to who you are, and are looking for fiction that is new, different, and not entirely safe…

Maybe you should try on STRAEON.

More than a year in the making, STRAEON #1: Malady Fare, features:

• “Lady Sakura’s Letters” by Juliette Wade
• “Avenzoar’s Dilemma” by Pat MacEwen
• “Rains of Craifa, Figure 1—Girl with Shavlas” by Lara Campbell McGehee
• “The Art Teacher” by Gillian Daniels
• “Kelly’s Star” by Ian Creasey
• “The Splintered Stars” by Jenny Rae Rappaport
• “Cupful of Sunshine” by Anna Yeatts
• “Sunira’s Daughters” by Robert Dawson
• “Signal” by Renee Carter Hall
• “A Kernel of Truth” by Heather J. Frederick

Now available for the Amazon Kindle and Kindle Reader apps at these links:

United States | United Kingdom | Australia | Canada | Mexico | Germany | France | Spain | Italy | Netherlands | Japan | Brazil | India

More links coming soon!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

EOCL Sale: Stupefying Stories 1.2

2011-11One of my pet peeves is the traditional publishing industry “All Rights for the Remaining Balance of Eternity” contract, so when we launched the e-book version of Stupefying Stories, I included a “three years and out” self-destruct clause in the contract. To my surprise we’re still here three years later, and that self-destruct clause is now armed and ready to blow.

Therefore, this is your LAST CHANCE to buy Stupefying Stories 1.2 (a.k.a., the November 2011 issue) at the special end-of-contract-life price of $0.99! Because as of midnight Central Time on November 30, 2014, this one goes out of print, never to be re-released again!

And now, the catalog copy...

Released November 2011

No sooner was 1.1 released than STUPEFYING STORIES began growing very rapidly. This book contains more and longer stories than 1.1 and marks the first appearance in our pages of Aaron Bradford Starr, Clare Deming, Sarah Frost, and fan favorite Rebecca Roland, as well as another story from Anatoly Belilovsky and one of the most disturbing horror stories we’ve ever published, “The Oily,” by E. A. Black.
Which has led to considerable confusion ever since. Is STUPEFYING STORIES a science fiction magazine that sometimes publishes horror or a horror magazine that sometimes publishes science fiction? Somehow people fixated on “The Oily” and didn’t notice that this book also contains two of the funniest stories we’ve ever published, “First Impressions” and “Watch This!”
  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS, by Aaron Bradford Starr
  • THE BAMBOO GARDEN, by Clare L. Deming
  • HOME SECURITY, by Gary McKenzie
  • BORROWED FEATHERS, by Sarah Frost
  • IF THIS BE MAGIC, by Anatoly Belilovsky
  • THE OILY, by E. A. Black
  • IN FALL, AFTER THE HARVEST, by S. Travis Brown
  • THE KING OF ASH AND BONES, by Rebecca Roland
  • WATCH THIS!, by Henry Vogel

Available for the Amazon Kindle at these links: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, India, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and Australia.

Also available for the Barnes & Noble Nook and in the Apple iTunes Store.

Inventory Clearance Sale: It Came From The Slushpile

20100800Yes, it’s our original print edition, done as a prototype to see just how closely we could emulate the look and feel of a vintage digest-sized pulp in what was initially planned to be a quarterly magazine. We spent a small fortune on this one, and aside from my never being really happy with the way the cover turned out, it worked...but it also convinced me our money was far better spent on paying writers and artists more rather than on keeping paper mills and print shops in business.

Nonetheless, we still have a few boxes of copies of this one taking up space in the warehouse, so from now through December 31, 2014, we’re selling it out for the blowout price of $1.99, plus the usual Amazon shipping charges. Then, as of midnight Central time on 12/31/2014, it’s going out-of-print, never to be reissued again!

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0982897405/

P.S. Be sure to get your copy from K&B Booksellers, as K&B is the only dealer selling fresh-from-the-box new copies at this price. (Some optimists out there think this one is a valuable collector’s item worth $45 or more!)
  • TECH SUPPORT, by John Oglesby
  • LIFELINE, by Kersley Fitzgerald
  • CATACHRONISM, by Jakeb Lliesl Ladrey
  • ICEHAWK'S ILL OMEN, by Martin Davidson
  • ARMSTRONG, by James Rye
  • ASSAULT AND BUTTERY, by Anton,Gully
  • TEACHING WOMEN TO FLY, by Guy Stewart
  • FIRST RULE, by Allan Davis Jr.
  • THEN THE END COMETH, by David Yener Goodman
  • HEART OF DORKNESS, by Henry Vogel

Saturday, November 1, 2014


STUPEFYING STORIES SHOWCASE returns to production with STORYBLITZ: A Storm of Stories!

  • Fulfilling, by Joy Bernardo
  • The Thing About Analyn, by David Steffen
  • Disclaimer, by Bret McCormick
  • This Cat Must Die! by Jason Lairamore
  • A Failure to Communicate, by Phil Temples
  • The Pro Turned Weird, by Stephen Lickman
  • Back from the Dead, by John Lance
  • Till Death Us Do Part, by E.N. Loizis
And that's just what we published today!